Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Lesson 59 - Wisdom is a Whisper

I want to give you something to ponder on this week and a lesson to practice. You know it is often times interesting to me when speaking with a revered one (buddhist priest or holy person) that many times it has been my experience that something they might say very casually will later hit me as very profound. I think it is the way with those who have a holy calling that the buddhas' essence just pours from them in this easy manner. Last week I was speaking to a buddhist priest who said something that struck me as one of these profound statements. When talking about wisdom he said "Wisdom is a whisper, wisdom does not speak in a loud voice so you must calm your mind through meditation so you may hear the whisper of wisdom when it speaks to you." In this blog we have often talk about the chaotic nature of the mind. We have often described the mind as a the buddhist usually refer to it as "the monkey mind" racing in it's many varying directions of worry, desire and other related attachments. I challenge you this week to make a concerted effort to meditate so that you may hear your own internal voice of wisdom. Like the revered mentioned wisdom does not come on with a strong overbearing voice so silence your minds racing thoughts through peaceful mediation and allow your self that opportunity for clarity so that you may hear when wisdom speaks to you.


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