Saturday, March 15, 2008

Lesson 57 - Tantric Practice, Karma, Vows and Guru Lineage

I wanted to post this video today as a means to explain why it is essential to have a lineage holder guru when practicing Tantra and to clear up misconceptions related to the term Karma. Many Westerners I think are drawn to tantric practice because they love the idea of secret, magical practices but I tell you it is VERY dangerous to practice in this manner if you do not have proper empowerment and a qualified lineage holder guru to guide you. I come from the Vajrayana tradition and for us we are taught from very early on the importance of guru lineage but I think this is something that most westerners do not have a good understanding of as to why this is necessary so today's lesson is in video format from Tsme Tulka Rinpoche on this subject. He does a most excellent talk on why this is so important and the pitfalls that await those who attempts these practices without proper training and guru blessings. He also speaks of Karma another subject I think is highly misunderstood and it's relation to vows. Please enjoy this video it is one hour and thirteen minutes long but it is chopped full of a whole host of important topics and the knowledge it imparts is quite important and worthy of your time I assure you. Enjoy and Namaste.

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