Sunday, January 11, 2009

Lesson 64 - Taking the Me out of Meditation

Ah the ego...this lesson speaks to the greatest stumbling block in a practitioner's meditation practice...the "I". Who is this illusive "I". Is it the body? Is it the mind? Where can it be found? Nowhere...everywhere you look for this "I" you come up empty handed. That is because there is no "I". If you are able to truly grasp this concept, it is a most freeing experience. You are no longer hurt by the actions of others because, after all, who is the "I" being hurt? When we are in meditation practice this is a perfect time to work on this concept so inherent to Buddhism. If you can remove from your meditation practice the "me," the all self important "I," you will open up space to the infinite, to true unchanging bliss. I hope this for all of you in your meditation practice, ponder this thought in meditation... just be, no one is thinking, no one is feeling anything, there is only being, only the here and now ... and in those moments you realize the place where ego falls away and you see clearly your connection to everything that is and every thing that ever was. You are able to experience a joy beyond this ego driven, physical existence. You experience something lasting...connectivity to the divine, love, true happiness and peace. It is not easy to do. The ego is a formidable enemy in the pursuit of Buddhahood. But if you can manage to experience this in meditation you will have the motivation to manifest this concept in the material world, in your interaction with others and ultimately spread Metta (loving kindness) to the universe and make our space in the backwaters of the Milky Way a happier, better place to exist. May this benefit all sentient beings.


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