Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Lesson 61 - Metta Meditation (Loving Kindness)

Today's lesson is on Metta. We have looked at Metta before in some other posts but I would like to give you today a great visualization technique for your meditation time centered around Metta. Metta is the buddhist term for loving kindness. This is something that we should all strive to put out in the world each and every day. A simple way to do this is to incorporate Metta into your meditation, you will see that this meditation will help soften your heart to those around you and help increase the amount of love in the world. Here is how to preform the Meditation.

Sit comfortable with back straight.

Quite your mind of activity, any thoughts that come into your mind allow to float away like clouds.

Begin to visualize the Buddha in front of you sitting on a lotus cushion.

Now see in your minds eye your family appears sitting just behind you facing the Buddha, so you see a picture of your self sitting in front of the Buddha and your family members behind you. Now envision love streaming from your heart to your family members.

Now envision your neighbors and those in your community with which you have an affinity for seated behind your family. Also send to them love and appreciation from your heart.

Now comes the hard part...see behind those with which you have an affinity for in the community all those whom you do not get a long with, any one you would relate to as difficult or view as your enemies. Now also send them love from your heart. This is where growth happens when you can sit in meditation and love those whom harm you or whom you do not get a long. This stretches your heart in wonderful ways.

See now in your minds eye the Buddha sitting in front of all of you. See the Buddha smile down apon you pleased with the great love and compassion you have been able to show. See from the Buddha a brilliant light of many colors pouring forth and showering down on you and the others. See all those present in your meditation happy to receive this light gift from the Buddha.

End your meditation really feeling the feeling of pure love, give thanks. As often as you can, think of this mediation during your day. So when you are stressed you can return to this place of pure love.

This mediation does wonders in releasing anger towards others and helps bring much needed love to our world of Samsara. I hope you enjoy practicing this meditation and that you grow in your love for self and others.

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